Arduino control using a Google Glass

As a fun test of glass gdk development alongside communication with an arduino webserver I wrote a small glass app that communicates with a previous project. The previous project consists of an arduino webstation that tracks temperature and humidity and provided the data on it's webserver. This was back in Pittsburgh, where it was pretty cold, and I thought it'd be fun to be able to tell the measured temperature outside handsfree.

Usage: Say Hello Home via google glass and you can communicate with an arduino webserver, asking for the temperature or turning on/off the lights (a little LED in this case).
Calling up the app using a voice command
Say Okay Glass, hello home and then you can say:
  • Any variation of what's the temperature? - It will display the indoor and outdoor temperatures in the apartment
  • Any variation of turn the lights on - It will enable a switch (in this case turning on the LED)
  • Any variation of turn the lights off - It will disable a switch (in this case turning on the LED)
Response from arduino web server
Imgur album of screenshots

The arduino webserver consists of an arduino with an ethernet shield, connected to a DHT11 temperature/humidity sensor and a barometer sensor.
Arduino 'weather station' housed next to window in Pittsburgh apartment

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