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Creating ExistentialRickBot, probably the silliest Redditbot yet

So I'd written SchmeckleBot, a simple bot that converts currency from schmeckles to USD. But I decided to go even simpler, still in the theme of Rick and Morty (if you loved Futurama watch this!).

In the pilot episode, when Morty sees something during a chase scene that causes an existential crisis, Rick quickly snaps him out of it with the pithy quote 'Don't think about it!'.

It should be immediately obvious that a reddit bot needs to exist and reply with that quote whenever an existential question is asked on the r/rickandmorty subreddit. And thus was born ExistentialRickBot.

The core logic is dead simple, if an existential question is posted, respond with an existential answer.

questions = ['why', 'happen', 'think'] # Match if any of these are found in messagedefisExistentialQuestion(message): return'?'in message andany([q in message.lower() for q in questions]) defgetAnswerToExistentialQuestion(): return"The answer is don…

Writing SchmeckleBot, a simple Reddit bot

This post will discuss the ideation and building of SchmeckleBot. So, before I wrote the Tensorflow chessbot, I wanted to learn the basics of building Reddit bots, and decided to choose something that was both fun and solved an existing problem.

I frequent the /r/rickandmorty subreddit, which if you haven't heard about it is a place to talk about Rick and Morty, a hilarious and awesome TV show (check it out if you're into animated TV shows like Futurama or Archer). Every so often redditors comment on a post saying they'll buy something for X amount of schmeckles, a unit of currency from one of the episodes of Rick and Morty. Here's one such post

Boogilywoo2411 points3 months ago Hey there! I'm Mr.SculptureBuyer. I'll pay 50 schmeckles for that sculpture!
According to the creator Dan Harmond a schmeckle is about $148 (the reason for this conversion is pretty great). So 50 schmeckles would be $7,400 USD. We want a bot that responds something like this (in fact, exa…